Why do Babies have to Wear White for LDS Blessing?

Why do Babies have to Wear White for LDS Blessing

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), when a baby is born, they have a special ceremony called a blessing. During this ceremony, the baby wears white clothes. But why white? It’s because white represents important things like being pure and innocent, starting fresh, and having light in your life. Let’s find out more about why babies wear white for LDS blessings and what it means.

Purity and Innocence:

When a baby wears white for an LDS blessing, it’s like saying, “Hey world, look at this little one! They’re pure and innocent.” White represents the goodness and cleanness that babies bring into the world. It’s like starting with a fresh, clean slate. So, dressing babies in white is a way to show everyone how precious and pure they are, just like a blank canvas waiting to be painted with all the wonderful experiences life has to offer.

Symbol of Renewal:

Imagine white as a symbol of a fresh start, like a new beginning. When a baby wears white for their LDS blessing, it’s like saying, “Welcome to the world, little one! You’re starting a brand-new journey.” White represents the idea that every day is a chance to begin again, to learn and grow. So, dressing babies in white is a way to celebrate the start of their amazing adventure in life and within the LDS community.

Representation of Light:

Think of white as shining bright, like a beacon of hope and happiness. When a baby wears white for their LDS blessing, it’s like saying, “You bring light into our lives!” White symbolizes all the good things that come with being part of a loving family and a caring community. It’s like wrapping the baby in a warm, glowing hug of love and blessings. So, dressing babies in white is a way to show that they are surrounded by light and love as they begin their journey in the LDS faith.

Cultural and Historical Significance:

Tradition and Continuity: The tradition of dressing babies in white for blessings has been passed down through generations within the LDS community. It serves as a link to the past and reinforces a sense of continuity and tradition within the faith.

Visual Unity: Dressing all babies in white creates a sense of visual unity during the blessing ceremony. It emphasizes the equality and oneness of all members of the faith, regardless of age or background.


Dressing babies in white for LDS blessings is important in the LDS faith. It’s not just about the color; it’s about what it means. White shows that the baby is pure and innocent, like a fresh start. It also shows that they’re surrounded by good things and blessings. This tradition has been around for a long time and is a special part of LDS culture.

What do you wear to a Mormon baby blessing?

At a Mormon baby blessing, people usually dress in their Sunday best, which can include dresses or nice pants and shirts. It’s a special occasion, so people often choose to wear something respectful and nice to celebrate the baby’s blessing.

How do you bless a baby in the LDS Church?

During a baby blessing in the LDS Church, the baby is usually held by the father, who gives a special blessing. He may say a prayer, asking for blessings and guidance for the baby’s life. Other family members and sometimes church leaders may also participate by offering words of support and love.

Why do Mormons bless babies?

Mormons bless babies as a way to welcome them into the Church and ask for God’s blessings to be upon them as they grow. It’s a way for parents to show their dedication to raising their child in the teachings of the Church and to seek divine guidance for their little one’s future.

Are baby blessings recorded in the LDS Church?

Yes, baby blessings are often recorded in the LDS Church. They are typically noted in the Church’s records as a significant event in the baby’s life. This recordkeeping helps to maintain a history of important milestones within the Church community and can be meaningful for families to look back on in the future.