How to wear hats with long hair? Tips & Tricks 2024

Hats with long hairs

If you have long hair, wearing hats can be a challenge. And it’s a plus if you don’t know how to do it the right way. Dont Worry!

Everyone knows that wearing a hat with long hair is an excellent way to showcase your tresses and express your style. Discover how to effortlessly pair a hat with long hair for a chic and fashionable look.

Styling Men’s Hats With Long Hair

Wearing a hat with long hair for men involves several considerations, from hair preparation to choosing the right hat style. Here’s a breakdown of each point:

men hats for long hairs

Hair Preparation:

  • Clean Hair: Ensure your hair is clean and dry before wearing a hat. Clean hair reduces oiliness and helps maintain a fresh look.
  • Style Options: Consider your preferred hairstyle. Long hair can be tied back into a ponytail or bun, left loose, or styled in various ways based on personal preference.

Hat Selection:

  • Material: Choose a hat made from breathable materials like cotton or wool to prevent excessive sweating and discomfort.
  • Size: Select a hat that fits your head comfortably without being too tight or too loose. The right fit is crucial for both comfort and appearance.

Adjusting Fit:

  • Hat Sizing: Ensure the hat is the right size by measuring your head circumference. Adjust the hat’s inner band or straps to achieve a snug fit without being overly tight.
  • Positioning: Place the hat on your head slightly tilted forward or backward, depending on your style preference.

Hat Styles:

  • Snapback or Fitted Caps: These are versatile and work well with long hair. You can wear them straight or tilted, allowing your hair to flow naturally.
  • Beanies: A slouchy beanie or a snug-fitting beanie can complement long hair, providing a casual and laid-back appearance.
  • Fedora or Wide-Brim Hat: For a more stylish and sophisticated look, consider a fedora or wide-brim hat. These can be worn with long hair either loose or styled.
long hairs men hats

Messy Look:

  • Intentional Messiness: Embrace the natural flow of your long hair by allowing it to stick out from the sides or back of the hat. This can create a trendy, effortlessly messy look.
  • Loose Styling: If you prefer a more relaxed appearance, let some strands of hair fall out from under the hat, giving a carefree and laid-back vibe.

Styling Women Hats With Long Hair

Wearing a hat with long hair for women involves some thoughtful considerations. Here’s a breakdown of each point:

women hats for long hairs

Hair Preparation:

Clean and Styled Hair: Start with clean, dry hair and style it according to your preference. Long hair offers various styling options, such as loose waves, braids, or a sleek look.

Hat Selection:

Material and Style: Choose a hat made from suitable materials depending on the season. For example, straw hats for summer and woolen hats for winter. Consider the style of the hat – wide-brimmed hats, fedoras, beanies, and baseball caps are popular choices.

cute women hats long hairs

Tucking In:

Ponytail or Bun: If your hair is long and you want to keep it contained, you can tie it back in a low ponytail or bun before putting on the hat. This helps in avoiding any discomfort and keeps the hair from sticking out too much.

Half-Up, Half-Down:

Bohemian Look: For a stylish and relaxed appearance, leave a portion of your hair down and gather the rest into a half-up, half-down style. This allows you to showcase your long hair while keeping it partially controlled.


Hair Accessories: Add hair accessories such as headbands, hairpins, or clips to complement your hat and overall look. This can also help in keeping loose strands in place, especially if you have a hat with a wider opening.

long hairs women hats

Adjusting Fit:

Head Size: Ensure the hat fits your head comfortably. Adjust any inner bands or straps for a secure fit. If the hat is too tight, it may flatten your hairstyle; if it’s too loose, it may not stay in place.

Messy Look:

Intentional Messiness: If you prefer a more casual and carefree style, let some strands of hair fall naturally around your face. This intentional messiness can complement certain hat styles like beanies or floppy hats.

Tips for Stylishly Wearing Hats with Long Hair

Long hair and hats can be a dynamic duo when styled thoughtfully. Here are some versatile tips to help you effortlessly pull off this chic combination:

1. Choose the Right Hat:

Experiment with various hat styles such as floppy hats, fedoras, beanies, and wide-brimmed options to find the one that complements your look best.

men & women long hairs

2. Hair Preparation:

Before donning a hat, ensure your long locks are well-groomed. Consider loose waves, a messy bun, or a low ponytail for a casual yet polished appearance.

3. Loose and Tousled:

Let a few strands fall around your face to soften the overall look. Embrace the contrast between the structured hat and the effortless beauty of loose, tousled hair.

4. Adjust the Fit:

Ensure the hat sits comfortably on your head without flattening your hair excessively. Experiment with angles and tilting for added flair.

5. Use Accessories:

Lift your hairstyle with headbands, clips, or other accessories to prevent hat hair and add a touch of personal flair.

6. Experiment with Hat Placement:

Play with different placements—straight on your head or slightly tilted—to discover what complements your hair and face shape best.

7. Avoid Static:

Long hair can sometimes lead to static. Combat frizz by using anti-static products or a small amount of leave-in conditioner.

8. Hat-Friendly Hairstyles:

  • Low Bun or Ponytail: Keep your hair in place and prevent tangling with a low bun or ponytail.
  • Braids: Add texture and style while keeping your hair contained under the hat.

9. Hat Material Matters:

Choose hats made from soft, breathable fabrics to minimize frizz and maximize comfort.

10. Size Matters:

Ensure your hat is the right size—neither too tight nor too loose—to maintain both style and comfort.


Wearing hats for long hair doesn’t have to be a challenge. By choosing the right hat style, prepping your hair, and wearing your hat properly, you can look stylish and keep your hair looking great. On the other hand, you can confidently rock this trendy accessory with the right beanie style, considering your hair length and texture, experimenting with different hairstyles, and accessorizing with earrings or glasses. Remember, the key is to find a style that works for you and makes you feel comfortable and stylish.

How do you wear a hat if you have a lot of hair?

Choose hats with adjustable straps or those made of stretchy materials to accommodate a larger volume of hair. Styles like wide-brimmed hats or berets can easily showcase your abundant hair.

How do you wear long hair in a hard hat?

Tie your long hair in a low ponytail or braid before putting on the hard hat. This helps keep your hair contained and ensures a secure fit for the hard hat without compromising safety.

How do you not mess up your hair while wearing a hat?

Place your hat on your head gently without pressing it down too firmly. To preserve your hairstyle, choose hats with a loose fit and avoid constant readjustment. When removing the hat, lift it straight up to minimize any flattening or static.

Should I wear a hat while growing out my hair?

Wearing hats can be a stylish solution during the awkward phases of growing out your hair. Choose hats that allow some airflow, like beanies or baseball caps, to keep your hair looking neat while adding a fashionable touch to your growing-out journey.