How To Choose The Best Heels For Dancing

best heels for dancing

When it comes to dancing, the right pair of heels can make all the difference between stumbling through the steps and gliding effortlessly across the dance floor. From salsa to ballroom, choosing the perfect heels enhances style and performance. Let’s explore the art of selecting the best heels for dancing and prepare to dance the night away!

The Importance of the Right Heels

Selecting the right pair of heels is not just about fashion but functionality. The right heels can improve your posture, balance, and dance performance. Understanding your dance style and preferences is crucial in making the best choice.

Comfort vs. Style

Finding the perfect balance between heel comfort and style is the key to choosing heels for dancing. Uncomfortable shoes can lead to sore feet and a less enjoyable dance experience, while stylish yet supportive heels can boost your confidence and flair on the dance floor.

heels for dancing

Identifying Your Dance Style

For lively Latin dances like salsa and tango, consider heels with a lower height and a sturdy base. This provides stability during quick footwork and spins, ensuring you can keep up with the energetic rhythm.

Straps and Support

Opt for heels with ankle straps to add extra support during dynamic movements. This prevents the shoes from slipping off and allows for a secure and comfortable fit.

Finding the Right Fit

Ensure your heels fit snugly but comfortably, following the Cinderella rule: leave enough space for a finger’s width between your longest toe and the shoe’s tip. Additionally, consider heels with built-in arch support to prevent foot fatigue during prolonged dancing.

Trying Before Buying

Try on the heels and practice a few dance steps in-store. This allows you to assess comfort, fit, and how well the shoes complement your dancing style.

Materials and Durability

Investing in quality materials is essential for durable and comfortable dance heels. While leather offers breathability and molds to your feet over time, synthetic materials provide a more budget-friendly option without compromising style.

Durability for Long Nights

Consider the durability of the heels, especially if you anticipate long dance sessions. Well-constructed shoes with reinforced soles and secure stitching ensure your dancing shoes withstand the test of time.

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Rules for Heel-Worthy Moves 

Dancing is not just a physical activity; it’s an expression of rhythm and grace. When dancing in heels, understanding the rules can distinguish between a captivating performance and a potential misstep.

Rule 1: Know Your Dance Environment

Different dance floors require different types of heels. For smooth ballroom floors, consider suede-soled shoes to facilitate gliding. On the other hand, rubber-soled shoes are more suitable for sticky or rough surfaces, providing better traction.

Rule 2: Heel Height Matters

The ideal heel height varies based on the dance style. Latin dances, such as salsa or tango, often benefit from lower heels, offering stability during quick footwork. Ballroom dances that emphasize elegance may call for slightly higher heels to enhance posture and style.

Rule 3: Secure Your Footwear

Ensure your shoes are not too loose or too tight; they should be just right. A well-fitted pair prevents blisters and discomfort and reduces the risk of stumbling during intricate dance moves.

Rule 4: Practice, Practice, Practice

Before hitting the dance floor, spend time practicing your moves at home. It helps you get accustomed to the feel of dancing in heels, allowing for better control and confidence during public performances.

Rule 5: Embrace Comfort and Style

While stylish heels can enhance your overall look, comfort should never be compromised. Prioritize shoes that complement your outfit and provide the necessary support for a delightful dance experience.


Choosing the best heels for dancing is an art that blends style, comfort, and functionality. By understanding your dance style, prioritizing comfort, and considering factors like sizing and material, you can step onto the dance floor with confidence and style. So, wear your dancing shoes and let the rhythm guide your every step!