Best Lipsticks Shades For Dark Skin

lipsticks for dark skins

Lipstick plays a big role in makeup. It can make your makeup look better or stand out on its own. Whether you like matte, satin, semi-matte, or another finish, every woman should have a lipstick that fits her skin tone. As someone with dark skin, I’m sharing the best lipstick colors for dark skin in 2024.

How to choose lipstick for dark skin?

The best lipstick for dark skin depends on factors such as undertones, texture, and personal tastes. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect lipstick for dark skin tones:

Identify Your Undertones:

Dark skin tones can have warm, cool, or neutral undertones. Warm undertones often have hints of yellow or golden tones, while cool undertones may have hints of blue or purple. Knowing your undertones can help you choose lipstick shades that complement your complexion.

Bold Colors for Impact:

Dark skin tones can carry off bold and vibrant colors exceptionally well. Deep reds, plums, berries, oranges, and rich browns can look stunning. Don’t shy away from experimenting with bold and unconventional shades.

best color lipstick for women with dark

Nude Lipsticks:

For a more subtle and everyday look, opt for nude lipsticks. Nude shades that match your undertones or are slightly deeper can enhance your natural beauty without being too overpowering.

Consider Lip Liner:

Lip liners can help define your lips and prevent feathering. Choose a liner that matches your lipstick or is slightly darker for added definition. This can be particularly important with darker or bolder shades.

Metallic and Shimmer Finishes:

Dark skin tones can also carry off metallic and shimmer finishes beautifully. Bronze, copper, and gold tones can add a touch of glamour to your lips. However, it’s essential to balance shimmer with the rest of your makeup.

Matte or Creamy Finishes:

Matte and creamy finishes are generally flattering for dark skin tones. Matte lipsticks provide a bold and sophisticated look, while creamy lipsticks offer a smoother texture. Experiment with both to find your preferred finish.

Test Before You Buy:

Always test lipstick shades before purchasing. You can swatch them on your wrist or try them on your lips in-store to see how the color looks against your skin. Lighting can significantly impact how a color appears, so consider checking in natural light as well.

Personal Style:

Consider your personal style and comfort level. If you enjoy experimenting with different looks, feel free to try various shades. Your perfect lipstick makes you feel confident and complements your overall style.

7 Best Lipstick Shades for Dark Skin

Finding the best lipstick shades for dark skin involves adopting the richness of your complexion and experimenting with colors that enhance your natural beauty. Here are some standout lipstick shades that compliment dark skin tones:

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Warm Hugs:

This inviting shade brings a touch of softness to your look, making it perfect for casual outings and cozy evenings. With its smooth application and long-lasting formula, Warm Hugs is like a comforting hug for your lips.

Cherry Blast:

Cherry Blast is a burst of lively red that adds a playful and energetic vibe to your makeup routine. The rich and pigmented formula glides on effortlessly, delivering an instant pop of cherry-red brilliance. Cherry Blast is your go-to choice for making a bold statement and turning heads wherever you go.


A lipstick that captures the essence of deep, rich chocolate. This earthy and sophisticated shade brings a touch of glamor to your lips, enhancing your natural beauty with a timeless allure. Cocoa is the perfect choice for those seeking a classic and elegant look with its creamy texture and Beauty.

Dark Maroon:

It helps you to make a bold and dramatic statement that exudes mystery and sophistication. This deep, intense shade adds a touch of allure to your lips, making it an ideal choice for evening events or special occasions. The matte finish ensures a sleek and modern appearance, giving you the confidence to embrace your inner diva.

Dewy Cheek & Lip Palette:

This versatile palette offers a range of flattering shades that effortlessly blend into your lips and cheeks, providing a dewy and radiant finish. Achieve a natural, flushed look with this convenient palette that adds a healthy glow to your overall makeup routine.

Pretty Pink:

Make your girlish charm with a “Pretty Pink” lipstick featuring dark undertones. This unique shade combines the sweetness of pink with a hint of depth, creating a flattering and sophisticated look. The lipstick glides on smoothly, providing a lovely balance of innocence and allure for a captivating appearance.

Nude Lipsticks:

These versatile shades offer a natural and understated elegance, enhancing your features without overpowering your look. From light beige to deeper caramel tones, nude lipsticks provide a subtle, polished finish that complements any outfit or makeup style.

lipstick shades for dark skins

What color lipstick looks best on dark skin?

Deep Reds: Shades like burgundy or wine red can complement dark skin tones.
Plums and Berries: Deep plum and berry tones can enhance the richness of dark skin.
Rich Browns: Shades like chocolate or mahogany can provide a warm and elegant look.

What are some lipstick shades that look best on dusky complexion?

Warm Terracottas: Earthy terracotta shades can enhance the natural warmth of dusky skin.
Coral Tones: Coral shades with warm undertones can bring a fresh and vibrant look.
Mauves and Nudes: Mauve and nude tones closer to the natural lip color can be flattering.

What is the best shade of lipstick for Morena?

Caramel and Bronze Tones: Shades in caramel and bronze can complement Morena skin beautifully.
Warm Reds: Reds with warm undertones, such as brick red, can be a great choice.
Peachy Nudes: Peachy nude shades can offer a subtle and natural look.

Lips Caring Tips

Caring for your lips is as crucial as tending to your facial skin, especially if you favor matte lipsticks. The smoother the canvas, the more stunning your lipstick application becomes. Adjust lip care into your weekly skincare routine by scaling your lips – no need to use lip scrub; a simple mixture of sugar and a few drops of oil or honey works wonders.