What are Latter-day Saint Baby Blessings?

What are Latter-day Saint Baby Blessings

In the Latter-day Saint (LDS) Church, the blessing of babies is a sacred and meaningful tradition that holds deep significance for families. Let’s delve into what exactly a Latter-day Saint baby blessing entails.

What is a Latter-day Saint Baby Blessing?

A Latter-day Saint baby blessing is a special ceremony where infants are formally presented to the congregation and given a blessing by a worthy priesthood holder. This usually occurs during a sacrament meeting, where family and friends gather to witness the event.

The Purpose of a Baby Blessing

The primary purpose of a baby blessing in the LDS Church is to invoke divine blessings and guidance upon the child. Through the priesthood authority held by the person giving the blessing, blessings are pronounced upon the child, including words of encouragement, guidance, and promises for their future.

The Role of Priesthood Authority

Central to the baby blessing is the belief in the priesthood authority, which is seen as the power to act in the name of God. Only worthy priesthood holders are authorized to perform the blessing, typically the father of the child. This authority is believed to allow blessings to be given under the will of God.

Expressions of Gratitude and Commitment

Parents often express gratitude for the opportunity to bless their children and commit to raising them under LDS teachings. This includes providing a nurturing and loving environment where the child can grow in faith and discipleship.

Community Support and Participation

During the baby blessing ceremony, the congregation plays an important role by offering silent prayers for the baby and their family. This collective support strengthens the bonds within the community and emphasizes the importance of unity in faith.

Symbolism and Significance

The ceremony of blessing a baby is rich in symbolism and significance within the LDS Church. It symbolizes the child’s introduction to the community of faith and their commitment to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. It also represents the sacred responsibility of parents to raise their children in righteousness and instil within them a love for God.


In conclusion, Latter-day Saint baby blessings are a cherished tradition that celebrates the arrival of a new child into the family and the faith community. It is a moment filled with love, faith, and hope for the child’s future. Through the blessing, parents seek divine guidance and blessings for their children, while the community offers support and prayers. Ultimately, the baby blessing reflects the LDS Church’s emphasis on family, faith, and the importance of spiritual growth from a young age.

What to include in the LDS baby blessing?

In an LDS baby blessing, the person giving the blessing typically offers words of guidance, encouragement, and blessings for the child’s future. They may also express gratitude for the opportunity to bless the child and commit to raising them following LDS teachings.

What age can Mormons bless their babies?

Babies are usually blessed in the LDS Church when they are infants, typically within the first few months after birth.

How do I prepare for the LDS baby blessing?

To prepare for an LDS baby blessing, parents often choose a white outfit for the baby, symbolizing purity. They may also invite family and friends to attend the blessing and may prepare their thoughts or remarks to share during the ceremony.

What do you wear to a Mormon baby blessing?

Attendees at a Mormon baby blessing typically wear their Sunday best, which usually includes dresses or suits for adults and dressy outfits for children. It’s common for the baby to be blessed to be dressed in white, symbolizing purity.