A Complete Guide on Eyelash Extension Styles, Sizes & Shapes

eyelash extension complete guide

Achieving the perfect set of eyelash extensions involves more than choosing a length. From styles that enhance your natural look to dramatic shapes that make a statement, here’s a comprehensive guide to eyelash extension styles, sizes, and shapes.

Eyelash Extension Styles By Types

Eyelash extension styles offer a diverse range to suit various preferences and looks. From classic to dramatic, each style enhances your eyes uniquely.
Get ready to bat those lashes and welcome the transformative power of this organic beauty secret.

Cat Eye Eyelash:

Cat Eyelashes are designed to elongate and lift the outer corners of your eyes, creating a feline-inspired look. The lashes gradually extend toward the outer edges, accentuating the eyes for a bold and alluring appearance.

Doll Style Lash:

Doll-style lashes aim to achieve a wide-eyed and innocent look. These lashes are evenly distributed across the lash line, providing a subtle and charming enhancement. They add a touch of sweetness to your gaze, perfect for a doll-like aesthetic.

doll styles eyelashes

Open Eye Lash:

For a naturally comprehensive and awake look, Open Eyelashes are the go-to choice. These lashes are evenly dispersed across the entire lash line, enhancing the eyes without dramatic length or curl. Ideal for a fresh and open-eyed appearance.

Reverse Cat Eye Lash:

Reverse Cat Eyelashes focus on lifting and elongating the inner corners of the eyes. This unique style provides an unexpected twist, drawing attention to the eyes’ center and adding a mystery touch.

Squirrel Style:

Squirrel-style lashes mimic the feathery and layered look of a squirrel’s tail. These lashes are characterized by their textured and multidimensional appearance, creating a soft and fluttery effect for a natural yet enhanced look.

Natural Eyelash:

If you prefer a subtle enhancement, Natural Eyelashes are the perfect choice. These lashes mimic the appearance of your lashes, adding slight length and volume without an overly dramatic effect. Ideal for a barely-there, natural look.

Staggered Eyelash:

Staggered Eyelashes feature varying lengths strategically placed along the lash line. This design creates a textured and dimensional effect, providing a unique and eye-catching appearance with a hint of glamour.

Wispy Eyelash:

Wispy Eyelashes combine longer and shorter strands to achieve a soft and feathery look. These lashes add a touch of drama and romance to your eyes, creating a wispy and ethereal effect perfect for various occasions.

Colored or Highlighted:

For a bold and playful look, Colored or Highlighted lashes introduce vibrant hues or highlighted tips. These lashes allow for creative expression, adding a pop of color to enhance your eyes and make a statement.

Custom Eyelash:

Custom Eyelashes offer a personalized touch, allowing you to tailor the length, volume, and style to your preferences. This option provides flexibility to create a unique lash look that complements your style and desired effect.

Eyelash Extension for Your Eye Shape

Certainly! Here’s a table outlining the best eyelash extension for different eye shapes:

Eye ShapeBest Eyelash Extension For Your Eye Shape
Round EyesCat Eye or Dramatic Winged
Almond EyesNatural or Graduated
Hooded EyesWispy or Long and Curled
Monolid EyesCurled or Volume
Deep-Set EyesNatural or Medium Length
Upturned EyesWispy or Curled
Downturned EyesDramatic or Long and Curled
Close-Set EyesNatural or Volume at Outer Corners
Wide-Set EyesGraduated or Medium Length

Round Eyes:

Round eyes have a distinct circular shape with visible whites around the irises. To enhance round eyes, consider elongating the outer corners with eyelash extensions or eyeliners for a more balanced appearance.

Almond Eyes:

Almond eyes have a classic, balanced shape with a slight upward lift at the outer corners. This versatile eye shape suits various makeup styles, allowing you to experiment with different eyelash extension lengths and styles.

almond eye shape extension

Hooded Eyes:

Hooded eyes have a fold of skin that partially covers the eyelid, making the lidless visible. For hooded eyes, focus on eyelash extensions that open up the eyes and create the illusion of a more prominent lid space.

Monolid Eyes:

Monolid eyes lack a distinct crease, creating a smooth surface from the brow bone to the lash line. To accentuate monolid eyes, opt for eyelash extensions that add length and curl, defining the eyes.

Deep-Set Eyes:

Deep-set eyes have a more prominent brow bone, causing the eyes to appear set back into the skull. Choose eyelash extensions that add volume and depth to deep-set eyes, enhancing the overall eye area.

Upturned Eyes:

Upturned eyes have a natural upward tilt at the outer corners, creating a lifted appearance. To complement upturned eyes, consider eyelash extensions that emphasize the outer corners, enhancing the eye’s natural shape.

Downturned Eyes:

Downturned eyes feature a slight drop at the outer corners. To lift and open up downturned eyes, select eyelash extensions that create a more raised effect towards the outer edges, providing a subtle upward lift.

Close-Set Eyes:

Close-set eyes have minimal space between them. To balance close-set eyes, focus on eyelash extensions that add length and volume to the outer corners, creating the illusion of a more comprehensive eye appearance.

Wide-Set Eyes:

Wide-set eyes have more space between them. To enhance wide-set eyes, opt for eyelash extensions that bring attention towards the center of the eyes, creating a balanced and harmonious look.

best extension for different eye shapes

How To Choose The Best Eyelash Extensions?

Choosing the right eyelash extensions involves considering several important factors to ensure you achieve the desired look and comfort. Here are key factors to keep in mind:


Determine the length based on your preference, aiming for a natural or dramatic effect.


Choose the thickness of the extensions, considering your natural lashes and the desired volume level.

Curl Type:

Select a curl type that complements your eye shape and desired effect, whether a natural lift or a more dramatic one.


Decide on the material of the extensions, such as synthetic, mink, or silk, considering factors like allergies, ethical concerns, and the desired level of softness.


Choose between classic, volume, or hybrid styles based on your preferred drama level and lifestyle.

Eye Shape:

Consider your eye shape—whether round, almond, hooded, etc.—as certain extensions enhance specific shapes more effectively.


Assess your lifestyle to determine the maintenance level you’re comfortable with, as different styles may require varying degrees of care.


Be mindful of allergies or sensitivities, and choose extensions that won’t irritate you.

Application Technique:

Research and choose a reputable lash technician who uses proper application techniques to ensure a comfortable and long-lasting result.


Consider your budget, as various factors like material and style can impact the overall cost of eyelash extensions.

By carefully considering these factors, you can choose eyelash extensions that enhance your natural beauty, align with your lifestyle, and provide the desired aesthetic effect.

What is the most popular lash extension style?

The most popular lash extension style is often the Classic Lashes. They provide a timeless, natural look by attaching one extension to each natural lash, offering a subtle enhancement that’s widely favored.

What are the different types of eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions come in various types, including Classic, Volume, and Hybrid. Classic extensions add one extension to each natural lash, Volume involves attaching multiple extensions to one lash for a fuller look, and Hybrid combines both techniques for versatility.

How do I choose my lash style?

To choose your lash style, consider your eye shape, desired length, and thickness. Consult a lash technician who can provide personalized advice based on your preferences and features.

What are the different lash techniques?

Different lash techniques include Classic, Volume, Hybrid, and Mega Volume. Each method involves a unique approach to attaching extensions, offering various levels of drama and fullness.

What lash extensions are best for big eyes?

Various styles work well for big eyes, but Volume Lashes are particularly suitable. These extensions add fullness and drama, enhancing the natural beauty of more enormous eyes.

Which eyelash extensions are best for small eyes?

For small eyes, Classic Lashes are a great choice. They provide a subtle lift without overwhelming the eye area, creating a delicate and natural appearance.